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Showcasing Talent and Versatility: A Mesmerizing Violin Concert by Ms. Christina Foster

Showcasing Talent and Versatility: A Mesmerizing Violin Concert by Ms. Christina Foster

At the start of this month, students in Middle School and upper Elementary School were treated to a sensational performance by one of Saint Maur's Music teachers, Christina Foster. This event was part of our Concert & Lecture series and featured a wide variety of violin music in a huge range of contrasting styles.

The event opened with a stunning performance of a classical work, Méditation by Thaïs, with Ms Foster accompanied by her fellow Music teacher and talented pianist, Ms Shoko Kumagai. In a complete shift of style, the next piece featured a lively Irish medley of jigs featuring Head of Music Jonathan Doherty on tin whistle, Yuki Enjo on guitar, Saint Maur bass teacher Hajime Teshima and Saint Maur percussion teacher Aran Nagashima on bodhrán (a type of Irish frame drum). Mr Doherty briefly left the stage and returned with a huge piano accordion to play a surprise rendition of another Irish medley with Ms Foster and her band (Danny Boy, Irish Washerwoman and the Swallowtail Jig). The group of musicians ended with a change of style and a famous tango La Cumpasita.

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Ms Foster next played a solo piece called Roundtable Rival in an original Dubstep-fiddle fusion inspired by Lindsey Stirling. It was now time for Ms Foster to collaborate with another talented member of Saint Maur faculty, Mr Dale Geyer. Ms Foster performed a thrilling version of Lindsey Stirling's Crystallize whilst Mr Geyer commanded the stage with a mesmerising and dramatic dance performance, specially choreographed for this event. At this point in the concert we had a moment to appreciate Ms Foster's creative skills by watching a video of the Genshin Impact theme with Ms Foster performing on a vast range of instruments.

To end, Ms Foster demonstrated another of her many talents by singing a 'Rickroll' medley of Chocolate Colored Strawberries and Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

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Ms Foster's Concert & Lecture was a wonderful example of collaboration and creativity and she demonstrated the versatility and power of the violin. We look forward to releasing video highlights of this event soon and to continuing with the Concert & Lecture program in the next academic year, sharing the joy of music and exposing students of all ages to professional musical performances.


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