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First Holy Communion at Saint Maur International School

First Holy Communion at Saint Maur International School

As human beings, one thing that we see across cultures and traditions, is the importance of marking milestones with rituals. It is often important for us to teach children that they have achieved certain moments in their lives that signify change, more responsibility or an entry into sacredness.

For Catholics, First Communion is the first time that children accept the bread and wine at Mass which represents the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus asked us to come together and have communion as a way of saying "yes" to his teachings as a community. At the end of April, six students participated in their First Communion after months of preparations and lessons that included further discussion on the faith and what it is asking of them; namely to love God and to love their neighbours. To not just accept Jesus into their hearts but live a life of being there for one another as part of God's family.


The six students celebrated their First Communion in our school's Chapel of Infant Jesus and they had the honour of having Mass preceded by both Fr Darryl Diño and Bishop Raphael Umemura Masahiro.

The Mass was a wonderful community event where each person shared their gifts to celebrate faith, community and to support our young people. Parents and teachers came together as musicians, photographers, readers and role models of these young Catholics.

We congratulate them as they continue on their spiritual journey to be simple in virtue and steadfast in duty.