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Eggsciting Chemistry for PSG Bingo Winners

What do Bingo and Chemistry have in common? We all know that they are both fun(!) so on Friday 16th April three excited elementary school students visited the Chemistry Laboratory in the Science Centre to claim their prize for winning the PSG bingo competition.

Dr. Suzuki had a variety of ‘Eggsciting’ experiments prepared for them. Their first mission was to try and transfer an egg yolk between two paper plates without breaking it or picking up the plates. They had to use only the equipment provided. They then had to get a hard boiled egg into a conical flask without pushing it. The bingo winners were very resourceful and succeeded without too much mess.

For those of you who don’t know how to do it, if you know our lucky winners, why not ask them? Failing that, try to win the PSG bingo game next year. The lucky winners then moved on to experiments with surface tension. They saw how adding washing up-liquid to food colouring on milk can make quick-moving pretty patterns on the surface. Finally, since all bingo winners need to have a small present to take home, they each made some artificial snow in a plastic bag simply by adding water to a ‘magic powder’. Hopefully everybody had fun and will be keen to participate in the PSG bingo again next year.


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