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Grade 4 Students Create Their Own Board Games to Reflect on Climate Control IPC Unit

In their Climate Control IPC unit, students from Grade 4 - in their various groups - picked a particular topic (Energy, Plant & Animal, Atmosphere and Weather & Climate) and created a board game to reflect their understanding of the unit.

The students were required to develop their own questions and answers for the game; to come up with a detailed written plan of the rules and guidelines and to use the unit's vocabulary words to demonstrate their climate control knowledge. Every group took turns, playing other group members' games and the students reflected on their board games the following days.

Grade 4 and 3 Christina Furstenau

As a grade level, the Grade 4 teachers invited the 3rd graders to join them in their game creation journey. The 4th graders were encouraged to mentor the 3rd graders to understand the concepts and the rules of the game, which they did extremely well!

Grade 4 Board Games Christina Furstenau

Kudos to all the hardworking students in Grade 4!


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