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Grade 9 Molecular Mugshots 2022

As the academic year draws closer to the end, many students are looking forward to receiving their Yearbooks. In the Science Department we adopt a molecular approach to the ‘mugshot page’.

As part of the Chemistry course, students study atomic structure and bonding. They learn how atoms bond together to form molecules and how chemical formulae can represent a 3-dimensional structure. Students were asked to make a molecular model for homework using what they had learned. They were not allowed to use commercial molecule kits but had to be creative and come up with their own resources. So that the molecule could be put on display, it had to be possible to either hang it up on the Chemistry lab ‘washing line’ or stood on a bench in the Science Centre. In order to record their creations for posterity, each student had a photo taken with their molecule. It was lovely to see them, if only briefly (and in a ventilated space) with their masks off. If you have a moment, please watch this video, view their molecular mugshots and see how creative our Grade 9 students have been.


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