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Grade 9 Molecular Year Book 2021

Grade 9 Molecular Year Book 2021

This year, Grade 9 students have been studying atomic structure and bonding in Chemistry class. One of the most enjoyable assignments of the year is when they bring together what they have learned and construct a three dimensional model of a molecule.

They are allowed to choose any molecule that interests them and are assessed on scientific accuracy as well as craftsmanship. The model needs to be free standing or possible to display by hanging on the ‘alternative washing line’ in the Chemistry Laboratory. This year saw some outstanding contributions from the large forty strong cohort. Many students made a special effort to ensure that bond angles and bond lengths were realistic. With so many molecules and chemical structures, it was impossible to display them to best effect in the lab. We have therefore taken their creations into the digital age and produced our own version of the 2021 Year Book. Please enjoy this short video of the students showcasing their molecules.


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