Science News

Grade 9 Students Produce Science Videos

Over the past few years, the Science Department has been producing a number of videos presenting some of the various experimental techniques routinely used in its labs. The initiative was started by a group of IB students who wished to share their experience and newly acquired skills with fellow scientists.

Some of the resulting videos have proven quite successful, reaching way beyond the Saint Maur community. For instance the Bacterial Isolation video reached over 41,000 views on YouTube and is by far the school's most popular video.

One of our first videos on Bacterial Isolation

More recently, students in younger age groups have begun to express an interest in teaching their skills to others. As a result, we have begun planning videos with students in Grade 9 IGCSE Combined Sciences. This work led to the recent release of two new videos, demonstrating respectively Plasmolysis in Onion epidermal Cells, and the Effects of the Enzyme Protease on Gelatin.

David C. from Grade 9 demonstrating Plasmolysis in Onion Epidermal Cells

Céline E. from Grade 9 demonstrating the Effects of Bromelain on Gelatin (video co-written by Riko S. from Grade 9)

Those students took upon themselves to make time to plan the videos, write the scripts, and to record the techniques after school, hence demonstrating an outstanding level of commitment and enthusiasm for science. We hope that those videos will be helpful to all other students from our school as well as others, and that they will help inspire other scientists.