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IB Scientist Produces a Science Tutorial Video

Over the past few years, a number of highly motivated Biology students have taken upon themselves to produce video tutorials presenting specific laboratory techniques in the aim of helping fellow students as well as the extended online community to refine their fundamental lab skills. Those videos have been overwhelmingly positively received, all of them achieving numbers of views that go well beyond the tens of thousands, and they are by far the most popular videos on our school’s Youtube channel.

It must be noted that this work is conducted by students from Grade 9 to 12, in addition to all their regular academic commitments and it adds a substantial load on their otherwise busy timetable during all the production process, which may take up to several months due to the hours of planning and rehearsal involved.

This year, it is Anna, a Grade 12 IB Biologist (HL) and IB Chemist (HL), who offered to contribute to the effort by planning and recording a video describing the making of a standard solution. Anna’s name probably rings a bell since she also recently participated in our collaboration video project with researchers at RIKEN Yokohama Campus.

The making of a standard solution is an essential skill that is routinely used in Biology and Chemistry labs around the world and this video will no doubt benefit all students tremendously as they work towards perfecting their lab skills. It is also particularly timely since IB Biology students will be undertaking their Individual Investigations in the weeks to come.

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