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Middle School Science Fair - Presenting Scientific Research

This past week, Saint Maur International School held its annual Middle School Science Fair. The 6th and 7th Grade students presented their scientific research to staff, parents, and other students from Grades 5 to 11. It was the culmination of two months of research and testing and while many of the students were nervous, they did brilliantly presenting to such a broad audience.

Students picked their own research questions ranging from earthquakes to dental health and the effect of music on heart rate. There were a few Physics-based research questions, though the majority of students developed research questions that lined up with Biology.

DSC 0004 Christina Furstenau

Fun fact - one of the most surprising research findings for students was how long it took for mold to grow on bread. Our parent audience was extremely grateful to be able to come see the students' presentations as this was the first time in a few years that they were able to attend the Science Fair in person. The overall audience reactions to the Middle School Science Fair were very positive and parents were especially pleased with how well groups presented their research questions and findings. Many of the 5th Grade students said they were looking forward to taking part in the Science Fair next year, while some of the High School students stated they were impressed with how creative some of the groups were.

DSC 0021 Christina Furstenau

Congratulations to our participating students for such an engaging and informative display of their scientific research questions and findings.


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