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Montessori Pre-School Temperature Science Experiment

Montessori Pre-School Temperature Science Experiment

Our Pre-School Montessori students in Miss Almoula's and Miss Chito's class participated in a special Science experiment: using a thermometer to read the temperature.

After introducing the topic of temperature changes and how we can measure temperature using a thermometer, Miss Almoula demonstrated this with a bowl of ice and a bowl of hot water. She placed a thermometer, borrowed from our Science lab, into each bowl and the children watched from a safe distance how the temperature indicating red line on the thermometer changed.

DSC 0035 1 Christina Furstenau

Some of the children could already read the numbers on the thermometer. The children had a lot of questions, wondering whether the thermometer itself will get very hot or cold when being placed into the bowls. They also shared their ideas about what the weather is like in which season and why it is important to know the temperature in everyday life.

This was a great first science experiment for our youngest students to develop their understanding about temperature and the weather.