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PSG Bingo Bash - Lucky Prizewinners

Every year the PSG kindly host a Bingo Bash for our Elementary Students. Not only is much fun had by all but the lucky winners win a special prize – A visit to the Chemistry laboratory with a friend.

This year, two students tied in first place and so on Wednesday 20th April, two Grade 4 students and two Grade 5 students visited the lab for an hour of exciting experiments in Science. First off, students learned how to get a hard-boiled egg into a conical flask without touching it. They were then called upon to act as detectives and identify an unknown chemical using a flame test. It is not often that students are encouraged to play with fire but our four lucky winners enjoyed making the Bunsen burner flames turn into a range of beautiful colours.


They then used their results to match the colour to the chemical. Everyone managed to identify their mystery substance. At this stage, we had not yet had enough smoke and flames so the students were treated to a firework display – and also tried their hand at making their own. The afternoon ended with a quick experiment to make moving patterns in milk followed by making a goodie bag of artificial snow to take home. A huge thank you goes to the PSG for organizing the event and to the students who participated so enthusiastically.



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