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PSG funds replacement of scientific equipment

In October of last year (2017) the Science Department was in panic! The water still for preparing distilled water had broken down irretrievably. In constant use since the original purchase in 2004 it chose the moment before the IB Biology Individual Investigations to stop working.

Faced with purchasing large volumes of distilled water at great expense from the chemical supplier or replacing the machine with a new one to supply distilled water more cheaply in-house, the Science Department looked into the cost of replacement. With insufficient funds in the Science Department budget, the school temporarily funded the replacement purchase and suggested that we approach the Parent Support Group (PSG). As is often the case, the PSG came to the rescue!


Students of all ages will benefit from the distilled water produced as well as from the savings from not having to purchase water from the supplier. The Science Department would like to say a huge thank-you to the PSG for agreeing to pay for the full cost of the water still.


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