Science News

Students attend the YSF Forum for International Research in Science and Technology

Five Saint Maur International School scientists attended the Yokohama Science Frontier Forum for International Research in Science and Technology, where they presented the findings collected during their Individual Investigations.

Students were also able to share their ideas and learn about the research of other students from Japan, Singapore, and Canada. Following the proceedings, students attended a 1 hour presentation by Nobel Prize winner Professor Makoto Kobayashi on Particle Physics.

Professor Makoto Kobayashi

Here is a breakdown of our student's topics:

  • Isaac Burkhalter: An Investigation of Newton's Cradle: The Decay of the Height Displacement of an End Ball with Time (poster)
  • Kiho Khorana: An investigation of the relationship between the angle of inclination of a ramp and the velocity of the ball that rolls down it (poster)
  • Gwangi Kim: The correlation between the polarity of binary solutions and the paper chromatography (poster)
  • Miyu Shu: Antimicrobial Properties of Japanese Coins (poster)
  • Ayumu Nishimura: An investigation on the antimicrobial properties of tea and potential associated benefits on oral hygiene (presentation)