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Triumph and Farewell: Winter Sports Season Culminates in Victories and Team Spirit

Triumph and Farewell: Winter Sports Season Culminates in Victories and Team Spirit

As we bid farewell to the Winter Sports Season, the echoes of victory reverberate through the halls of Saint Maur International School. The exhilarating journey reached its pinnacle as our Middle School Basketball Boys A Team soared to new heights, claiming the championship trophy at the fiercely contested Kanto Lower League Tournament.

MS Basketball A Team 2 Christina Furstenau

Congratulations also to the Middle School Basketball Boys B and C teams who were two of our best teams in this winter sports season, winning the majority of the basketball games. We are very proud of the skill and determination of our young student athletes, showcasing remarkable teamwork. Their triumph is not only a testament to their athletic talent, but also a celebration of the unity that defines our school community.

MS Boys Basketball B Team C

In parallel, our High School Varsity Boys Basketball Team closed the season on a high note with a resounding victory in the finale. Acknowledgement is also due to our Varsity Girls Basketball team who won two games during the regular winter season.

DSC 0706 2

A special moment of reflection and celebration unfolded during Senior Night, as we bid farewell to our graduating seniors. Their contributions to the team have been invaluable, and this final basketball game at Saint Maur International School marked the culmination of their athletic journey with the Cougars. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to these seniors for their dedication and leadership.

We are also proud of our Junior Varsity Boys' Basketball team who took second place and the Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball team who took 3rd place in the Yokohama invitational tournament that we co-hosted at Saint Maur International School and Yokohama International School. Congratulations to these teams for winning the winter season trophies!

JV Basketball

The sports winter season not only includes basketball, but also Middle School Girls Soccer games. While our team struggled during the regular season, they ended in a tie in the final tournament of the season.

MS Girls Soccer

As we applaud the achievements of our Cougars Winter Sports teams, we also celebrate the students' growth, perseverance, and unforgettable moments that define the Saint Maur sports experience. Congratulations to all our athletes, coaches, and supporters for a Winter Sports Season filled with triumph and team spirit. Way to go, Cougars!