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Professional Volleyball Player Akiko Hatakeyama to Run Volleyball Clinic at the Opening of the Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center

Just a few days to go until the long-awaited opening of Saint Maur's Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center!

As part of the opening of the Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center on April 29, professional Volleyball player and coach Akiko Hatakeyama will run a Volleyball Clinic with Saint Maur students in our new gymnasium.

After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, Akiko started her career as professional volleyball player in Portugal in 1999 and since then has played in national leagues across the US and Europe in Germany, Romania, Spain, France and Switzerland, just to name a few! Alongside of being a professional volleyball player, Akiko has also been coaching a number of volleyball teams of renowned universities, national junior teams, and at volleyball camps around the globe.

We are extremely excited to welcome Akiko to our grand opening of the Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center and to offer our students a one of a kind Volleyball Clinic as our first sports activity to take place in our new gymnasium.