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Saint Maur International School

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Does Saint Maur have a religious affiliation?

Yes, Saint Maur is a Catholic foundation where moral values govern all that we do to help students, parents and staff reach their full potential. We are an inclusive center that supports each member of our multi-faith, multi-national school community. We do not pressure students to convert to Catholicism or Christianity. Catholic students are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation separately, at the request of their parents.

Does Saint Maur require that students wear a uniform?

Yes; our school has summer and winter uniforms, as well as many options for outer wear. Girls may elect to wear dress slacks instead of skirts. Many items are sold in our school store and others are ordered through two outside organizations.

Does Saint Maur offer Advanced Placement Courses?

While Saint Maur is primarily an International Baccalaureate World School, we do offer preparation and guidance for students who wish to take Advanced Placement exams for college credit.

Does Saint Maur offer the IB Diploma and must it be taken by everyone?

Saint Maur offers a variety of course options to fulfill the International Baccalaureate Diploma requirements. Students can also elect to receive IB Certificates.

How does Saint Maur prepare its students for college?

Our preparation program sees that all 11th and 12th graders meet for guidance at least once each week. We also hold a senior seminar that prepares our students for the transition to higher level education. Moreover, four university counselors are available year-round, which contributes to our 100% university and college acceptance rate.

How much homework is there each night?

We insist that there be a "life outside Saint Maur" for our students. However, as we are academically competitive, we expect students to have a reasonable amount of homework every night, which varies from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

What kind of activities does Saint Maur offer its students and what is special about the program?

Saint Maur has a unique cooperation between the Fine Arts and Athletics Departments so that practices and rehearsals are on different days. Therefore, our students are able to participate in a wide variety of activities.

We belong to a group of ten international and U.S. military schools, with which we participate in various competitive fine arts, academic, and sports events.

Popular activities include speech contest, brain bowl, vocal and instrumental groups, drama, artscape, volleyball, cross-country, soccer, basketball, baseball, and track.

Does Saint Maur provide a bus service?

Since the local transportation in Japan is among the safest and most reliable in the world, we do not offer a bus service to and from school. Many students use local transportation or ride bicycles to campus. The school does, however, provide a bus service for many educational and extracurricular trips.

Does Saint Maur offer a school lunch?

Saint Maur outsources its cafeteria services to Cezars Kitchen, which provides breakfast, lunch, and snack services throughout the day. Our cafeteria is mindful of the various religions and nationalities represented within the school, so there is always something for everyone! Through Cezars' website, parents are able to manage cafeteria accounts and view what their children are eating.

Honestly, is there a problem with bullying at Saint Maur?

Saint Maur enforces a strict anti-bullying policy, which also includes cyber bullying. We also promote a "no bystander" culture and create dialogue with students on these topics through homerooms and various assemblies. With our proactive philosophy, occurrences of bullying at Saint Maur are extremely rare.

When do most students enter Saint Maur?

Most students enter at the beginning of our new academic year in August. But, up to and including 9th Grade, students could enter at the new semester in January. Some elementary and Montessori students may enter at almost any time provided space is available and they complete our entrance evaluation.

What are your application deadlines?

We accept applications year-round. However, middle and high school classes for the next school year tend to fill up early in the previous spring.

Where do Saint Maur students come from?

Currently, we have over 40 different nationalities represented.

Where do Saint Maur staff come from?

The staff at Saint Maur come from 17 countries.

Where is the school located?

Saint Maur is located in Yamate, a historical, cultural, and residential area of central Yokohama, on the same site where it was originally founded in 1872. Yokohama is approximately 35 minutes from central Tokyo.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

The student-teacher ratio at Saint Maur is 8:1.

What is the average class size?

The average class size at Saint Maur is 10.

Where do students excel?

Our curriculum is particularly strong in natural sciences and the visual and performing arts, thanks to our state-of-the-art Fine Arts Center and Science Center, both built recently.

Saint Maur is also strong in language study. We are one of the few schools in which students learn three languages. English is the language of instruction in all grades, while all students study Japanese and either French or Spanish.

May we visit the campus during the admissions process?

Absolutely! We strongly recommend a visit to our campus. Please contact us to set up an appointment at