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Fine Arts News

Posted by Christina Fürstenau on Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Join us again this year for the IB Literature and Performance Showcase on Monday, January 20th at 6 p.m. in the auditorium. The IB students will showcase three short adaptations and there will be a bake sale offered by the PSG with proceeds going to the next Drama overseas trip.
Posted by Nicolas Gregoriades on Saturday, December 7, 2019
The weekend of November 29th and 30th was a truly memorable one for the Saint Maur community. The Fine Arts Department presented its production of "Beauty and the Beast" at three performances to over 600 audience members. This was an immense collaborative effort between the Art, Music and Drama Departments which involved 67 students, 7 teachers and a former teacher as a guest cellist. Featuring a live orchestra of almost 20 students and a huge ensemble cast, this was one of the largest... Read More
Posted by Gabriela H Osada on Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Last May, the Irish Dance Club received an invitation from the Director of the National Catholic Awareness Conference, Japan to perform at the Nicholas Barre Center in Yotsuya, Tokyo during the event, “In Preparation for Pope Francis’s Visit to Japan, Catholic Awareness Conference of Japan – 2019”. Eleven students, from the Elementary and Middle School and six from Ardagh School of Irish Dance had a successful performance on November 2nd. Students arrived early afternoon; with the help of the... Read More
Posted by Christina Fürstenau on Monday, November 25, 2019
The IGCSE Music students were treated to a workshop and performance from a visiting Celtic harp player from France. "Camille" Taezi (from her stage name), comes from the forest of Broceliande in Brittany, France. Cradled by Celtic music, she discovered the harp at the age of 8 and took classes for 10 years according to the traditional method, without solfege, mainly by ear by following the teacher. At the age of 16, she joined the fantastic medieval company "Les messagers de faërie" with which... Read More
Posted by Christina Fürstenau on Wednesday, October 2, 2019
A group of Saint Maur's finest musicians were lucky enough to take part in a joint event with Futaba School yesterday. They were invited to a music master class with the internationally renowned Quattor Debussy string quartet from Lyon, France. An ensemble of pit orchestra musicians who are due to play for the forthcoming Beauty and the Beast production at Saint Maur performed Gaston and were given professional feedback. Two of Saint Maur's IB Music soloists and member's of Futaba School's... Read More
Posted by Kim Littani, Head of Arts on Wednesday, March 6, 2019
It is my pleasure to invite the wider Saint Maur Community to the final art exhibitions of the Saint Maur Seniors! The exhibitions will take place between the 12th and the 22nd of March. Each student's work will be featured for two days from 8.10 am until 3.30 pm in the Art room at Saint Maur and will feature eight artworks. This year there will be paintings, photographs, drawings, animations, embroidered art, a virtual reality piece, and more! In order to view all four of this years... Read More
Posted by Christina Fürstenau on Monday, December 17, 2018
This year's Montessori and Elementary School Christmas Concert showcased the creativity and class spirit of each homeroom class. The auditorium was packed with proud parents, children, and members of the school community who were thoroughly entertained by the diverse entries. Thank you to all our talented students, staff and parents who made this concert possible!    
Posted by Christina Fürstenau on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
This year’s High School Drama Club production was an original adaptation by Nicolas Gregoriades, the Director of Fine Arts and Head of Drama at Saint Maur International School, of George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984“. It featured three Winstons (the protagonist) and an ensemble of 16 actors who have been guided by Grade 10 student, Yuka, in some spectacular feats of physical theatre. In addition, there were two different casts – one a “traditional gender” cast and the other, a “reverse... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Griggs - Head of Music and Director of Bands & Orchestra on Wednesday, November 21, 2018
The Senior Band competed with International schools at Fall Band Festival held at Christian Academy in Japan and I couldn't be prouder of our students.  We performed last on the concert, which was a great honor, and the judges mentioned after the performance that we "looked like professionals" and were "clearly the best band of the day".  Please join me in congratulating them on their hard work and effort as I honestly have never been more impressed in an ensemble. Lastly, please come to see... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018
The Saint Maur Art department would like to invite you to the final exhibitions of the Grade 12 IB Visual Arts students. The students have prepared for these exhibitions over the course of the past two years. The exhibitions contain a large variety of media, including animation, oil painting, digital art, photography, sculptures and architectural models. Each student will present their work on a different day from 8.10 am until 3.30 pm. A list of students, dates and venues can be found on the... Read More